To tell?
Most young people find it difficult to tell what is wrong at home at school. Still it is important that at least your form tutor knows about it. You can also talk about what to do about being away, tests, exams etc.

It is possible that your head it just too full. Then there´s no room left for that maths lesson. But it can also be that school offers a distraction. After all, at least then you are busy with other things. It is homework, but still.


Your classmates
Make sure some of your classmates know about your home situation. They will stand by you and help you if it is getting to you.

Vrienden heb je in goede tijden en in slechte tijden. Zorg dus dat ze weten wat er aan de hand is. Vraag of ze je willen helpen als je even niet zo lekker in je vel zit. Doe vooral veel leuke dingen.


Everything is pointless
Maybe you don’t see the point of going to school. What’s the use? That´s understandable, but it doesn’t solve anything. On the contrary, not only will you have a mother or father who’s ill, but you’ll have to re-take your school year again. There are also young people who do exactly the opposite, they work extra hard. Do you have the feeling it’s all pointless? Try to talk about it with somebody!

Do you also get mad if “kanker” (cancer) is used as a swear word? Try not to. Flying off the handle does not help, so instead try turning around, walking away and letting off steam somewhere else.