Kankerspoken.nl has been translated into English!

If you are interested in the subject of children with a (grand-)father or mother with cancer, this website can help you. In addition to information about cancer, treatments and various emotions, you will also find tips and advice.

Information is available for different age-groups.

Dear mothers and fathers,

Having cancer is sad and complicated. Particularly if there is a toddler around. What do you tell your child? It can help if your child can make sense of what´s happening. We hope that our information, animation clips and pictures can support you. Of course, there are some tips too.

Read and look at these pages together with your child, or download a coloring page. If we have forgotten anything, please let us know.


We are Jess and Josie and we knock away the cancer ghosts with our fists.

We can comfort you, sometimes we are shy but also very cheerful, and we prefer to just hang out on the couch. And now you can get us as stuffed friends!

You can find us at the shop.