The Foundation

The objectives of the foundation ‘Verdriet door je hoofd’ (“Sadness On Your Mind”) (2008) are:

  • Informing and supporting children (3-18 years old) who are confronted with their parents or other relatives having cancer.
  • Informing parents, professional helpers, teachers and other people involved about what goes on in these children so that children and parents are better equipped to deal with the situation.

The foundation tries to realize these objectives by:

  • Distributing materials for and about these target groups
  • Creating possibilities for questions to be asked and enabling contact with people in the same situation
  • Developing lesson and information materials

All members have knowledge and experience with children with a mother or father who has cancer.

Nel Kleverlaan, MA, Chairman
Development Psychologist
Initial founder of the Foundation ‘Verdriet door je hoofd’

Janny Salomé, Secretary
Oncology Specialist Nurse n.p.
Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, Rotterdam

Thijs van Vegchel, MSc, Treasurer
Clinical Computer Scientist
Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation

Bernard Neuhaus, Member of the Board
Film Producer
Initial founder of the Foundation ‘Verdriet door je hoofd’

Linda Lawa, Member of the Board
Artistic therapist and creative family therapist
Praktijk Bikkels

Jetty Roedema, Member of the Board
Experience Expert

Committee of Recommendation
The Foundation is supported by a Committee of Recommendation. The members of the Committee of Recommendation publicly show their commitment to the Foundation ‘Verdriet Door Je Hoofd’ and the objectives we pursue. The Committee joins in with the plans of Kankerspoken from both a personal and professional perspective and consists of:

  • Dr. Jacqueline Stouthard,
    Medical Oncologist in the Dutch Cancer Institute Antoni van Leeuwenhoek NKI-AVL
  • Ria Bremer
    Journalist and presenter
  • Peter Kapitein
    Initial founder of the Foundation ‘Stichting Alpe 'd HuZes and Inspire2Life

Former Members of the Board

  • Dr Mecheline van der Linden.
    Clinical psychologist VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam
  • Dr. Ferko Öry
    Paediatrician/Applied Natural Sciences researcher TNO