If your mum or dad has cancer, it can be that you feel angry or sad. That's really normal. Other children who have a mum or dad with cancer feel like that too.

Maybe your have some questions or would like to know more. Or maybe you just don’t want to know anything about it. Sometimes it helps to talk about it. You can do that here in this chat forum. Of course, you can also make a drawing about it.

And if after all you do want to know about cancer and everything that comes with it, have a look through this site. Who knows, maybe you can use this site for giving a talk at school. Why not have a look?



I am Jess  and I knock away the cancer ghosts with my fists. I can comfort you, sometimes I am shy but also very cheerful, and I prefer to just hang out on the couch. And now I am there as a stuffed friend!

You can find me at the shop (only in Dutch).