If your mum or dad has cancer, usually a lot will change. That takes some getting used to.

Often going to hospital
Somebody who has cancer often has to go to hospital. For tests, to talk to the doctor, for chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Sometimes that hospital is nearby, sometimes it isn’t. Would you like to see where your mum or dad goes? Just ask if you can go along. Have a good look around you and ask if there is something you don’t understand.



Staying the night and/or staying at school for lunch
Sometimes your mum or dad are able to go to hospital during your school hours. But often that´s just not possible. So you have to stay at school at lunchtime more or go to afterschool club. It can also be that your mum or dad has to stay in hospital for a couple of nights. That can mean that you stay the night at a friend’s or that your granny and grandad come to stay.

Being upset
Most mums and dads are upset for a while if they have cancer. They are confused and sad. Usually they won’t say so, but you can notice it. Sometimes it helps if you comfort them or give them a hug. But also say if you feel sad or confused too. That helps too!

Cancer cells in the head
Mums or dads with a brain tumour or cancer cells in their head can sometimes get very angry all of a sudden, say things you don’t understand at all or they suddenly don’t remember your name. That’s very sad. Is there somebody who can help you with this? An aunt or an uncle, for instance, or a neighbour or your granny or grandad? Also look at ‘What helps’ or maybe you have a better idea and you can email us.

Lying on the sofa
Cancer makes you tired. You yourself, but also your mum or dad. From all that running to hospital, from the medicines, from the radiotherapy, from all the worrying thoughts. That’s why a mum or dad with cancer will lie on the sofa more often than a healthy mother or father. Usually it goes away after a bit, but it can also be that your mum or dad will be tired for a long time.

Do fun things together
During the treatment your mum or dad will not be able to come to school or sports matches with you. That doesn’t mean that nothing is possible. If you tidy up your own room, make your own bed, or clear the table, mum or dad can have a little rest and maybe you can still do some fun things together.