Class assembly
Try to talk about it in your class now and then, because then other children will know what it’s like at home. Tell them cancer is not catching, that being bald or wearing a wig is part of it, that Chemo-Kasper is fighting really hard against the cancer cells. Ask your teacher to help you.

Stop thinking about it for a minute
Maybe you don’t think about it at school. That’s nice, because you can be busy doing other things. Maybe it´s at school that you can´t stop thinking about it. Then your head is just too full and there´s no room left for maths or spelling. Tell your teacher and think of how to make it better together.

Teacher doesn’t want to think about it
That can also happen. Some people actually find it scary to talk about cancer. Think of a plan together with your mum or dad and tell your teacher about this website.




They sometimes say that swearing doesn’t hurt, but that isn’t true. Do you also get mad if “kanker”(cancer) is used as a swear word? Try not to, but do say you don’t want to hear it. Say that it’s stupid. Go to your teacher. Don’t start kicking or hitting, but do something about it!



Giving a talk
Have you ever thought about giving a talk about cancer? You know an awful lot about it by now. Make a list of things you want to tell. Go and find leaflets and pictures. Ask the nurses in hospital for a drip bag, plasters, a sick bowl and bandages. Use this site. It’s going to be a super talk for sure!

Friends, children in the neighbourhood
Make sure that your friends know what is going on. Ask them if they want to help you when you’re feeling down. And more than anything else, go and do lots of nice things together!