If your father or mother has cancer, you can be really rather sad or angry about it. Perhaps you have questions about it. Maybe you want to know what cancer is and how it’s treated, what chemotherapy or radiotherapy are exactly and why some fathers and mothers need to be operated on but others don’t. Or maybe you’d like to know if other children are afraid too, or feel angry or sad. Are you looking for somebody who has been through the same thing? Look in the chat forum. Apart from that, on this website there are many answers to questions children have asked us and of course there are some tips too. Why not have a look?


We are Jess and Josie and we knock away the cancer ghosts with our fists.

We can comfort you, sometimes we are shy but also very cheerful, and we prefer to just hang out on the couch. And now you can get us as stuffed friends!

You can find us at the shop.