What does it do to you?


Being scared, angry and sad because your mum or dad has cancer is really normal. Let’s see what other children say.



Feeling alone
Some children feel very alone. It feels like you are the only one with a mum or dad with cancer. Maybe it helps a little if you know that it’s not true. That’s why we made this website. Especially for all those children who have a mother or father with cancer.

Not being able to sleep
That’s a big problem. It does make you very tired, doesn’t it? Have you ever tried thinking of something nice? Close your eyes, get into a rocket or onto a (flying) horse and fly to a beautiful spot in the woods or to the beach in your head. Feel the warm sand between your toes, the warm water, are you there yet?

Tummyache and headache
Sometimes you´re so tired or so anxious that you get tummyache or a headache. That’s quite normal. Don’t go and think that you are ill too, but try to do nothing every now and then. Just curl up with a comic on the sofa. Email us if you have any other ideas.

Fingers in your ears
All that going on about cancer! Maybe you don’t want to hear anything about it. Of course, that’s fine too, but sometimes that´s hard. Important things have to be talked about. But it can also feel like it’s only about cancer, that everybody starts talking about it and that the phone rings the whole day. Try to work a way out with your mum or dad.


Be happy, don´t give up and be strong
That’s by far the most important thing of all. Write a postcard, make a drawing, be strong, don´t give up hope. Is your birthday party not going ahead? Next month it might. Can´t you go on  holiday now? Let´s hope next year you will!