For adults
Information for patients and loved ones about the latest developments, prevention, treatment, guidance and scientific research. en
For all Belgian visitors of Kankerspoken.
Information about the organization affiliated with the Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Associations.
Informatie over organisaties (instellingen voor psychosociale oncologie) die zijn gespecialiseerd in de opvang Information about organizations (institutions for psychosocial oncology) that specialize in the care and support of people with cancer and their loved ones.

  • inloophuizen where children with a father or mother with cancer can go for activities or guidance.
  • psycho-oncologische centra where people with / after cancer suffer from complaints can go for specialized care.
Information about men with breast cancer (for patients, loved ones, medical professionals and researchers)
Information about palliative care, that is to say care for people who can no longer get better.
A site of the Dutch Mourning Support center. The center provides information about mourning and mourning counseling and has addresses for help.
Website about the consequences of the loss of a brother or sister.
Website for parents of children who have to deal with death or divorce.

Website for employees in primary and/or secondary education of children who are faced with death or divorce.

Website for employees of childcare and after-school care of children who are confronted with death or divorce

Website for adults with Young Heroes in their environment, e.g. grandfathers and grandmothers.
Site of the Palliative Care Federation of Flanders, the umbrella organization for palliative care
Tips to support children
Info evenings, home visits, meeting groups, etc.
Rainbow Packages for young families whose parent has cancer or another life-threatening illness or has recently died.
Practical and personal support for children, parents and professionals who are dealing with cancer in the family.

For children and young adults
At the Kindertelefoon you can talk about everything, both by phone or chat.
On the Klokhuis site you can find a lot of information and videos about cancer.
Achter de Regenboog supports children and young people in processing the (future) death of a loved one.
Stichting Bretels is committed to families who are going to lose or have lost one or both parents.
Information about mourning among children and young adults.
For children and young adults who have experienced a major loss
For young adults, an annual meeting day also for children
‘Alle sterren van de hemel’ is a specially developed board game. Using the game, participants ‘playfully’ tell about feelings, memories, possible death, etc.